Painter, author of spatial realizations, site-specific works, installations, objects, films. He was born in 1963 in Gdańsk. His most famous series of works include “Jumping into the Water”, “Flowers & Stars”, “Faites vos jeux”, and “Homemade Paintings”. From the beginning of 2000’s, the artist began to transfer his works from canvas to walls, giving rise to large-format murals and site-specific works. In Fliciński’s oeuvre, we can distinguish several recurring threads, they are: the relationship between man and nature, the perception of time and surroundings, the history of humanity and the history of art, focused on the periods of the first avant-garde and modernism. In his practice, the artist combines the analytical precision of geometric abstraction with an affective characterization, often touching seemingly trivial and imperceptible elements of the reality that surrounds us. Through procedures of repetition, building compositions using axes and lines, he refers to phenomena taken from nature and landscape. The paintings and spatial realizations created in this way remain in an inseparable relationship with the place where they are created. Currently he lives and works in Warsaw and Zawada, Poland.